Healthier You and Me


Hi! My name is Krista...I'm so happy you're here!

I started my health journey quite young. I remember being fascinated watching my mom make tea and going to Wilma's Health store she had in her basement...the smell and the energy was amazing. I remember going to my mom's Jazzercise class, riding my bike on the side of her on her walk, and later walking with her on our 4 mile route. I remember deciding at about age 12 that I was going to figure out how to stay young and healthy all my life, although I really had no clue what that looked like. What is health anyway? Is it just what you put in your body? I believe it's much more. I began in 1998 on the outside body when one day I was cleaning the bathroom and was making sure I rinsed the bathtub out really good, and the thought came to me.....why am I using this toxic stuff to clean my bathrooms if I have to be so careful to not let my kids take a bath in it? That's when I started changing the cleaners and body products that I use. It seemed very overwhelming because I didn't know where to start and all the natural stuff seemed to be so expensive. I'm here to tell you that you can do it. Make one or two changes at a time, perfect those and add more. I believe that health isn't just what you eat & drink it's about the outside body, your thoughts, who and what you surround yourself with, what you listen to, watch, and read. When I was older, my dream was to have a health store. In 2009, that dream became a reality and I had a small store off the entrance of my house for three years. That store was called Healthier You and Me. I have decided to recreate my website, and share healthy recipes, ideas, information, and things I love. It is my passion & I hope you will find things on here for a better heathier life. I am a mom of 12 kids ages 9-26... I personally have had 9 babies including twins. We have 5 grandkids and one on the way. I'm here to help you on your journey to be or stay healthy, to remember who you are, and to remind how amazing you are if you've forgotten your worth, or just need a reminder.

Here is a life tip...we do a 30 minute or 1 hour burst everyone cleans & organizes whatever needs to be done and we set a works great and a lot gets done...

I've also been obsessed with tiny animals since I was little...if you're looking for a furry best friend, check out my other website with the cutest & tiniest furbabies here.