The                        body                 achieves                        what                         the                      mind                  believes

*Love yourself right where you are

*Drink half your body weight in ounces of pure water a day with minerals added if your water doesn't have them (one piece of celtic salt on your tongue, let it dissolve, & then drink your water is a great way to get minerals)

*Get enough good sources of protein for your body when you eat...I personally try for 100 grams of protein a day, for most women I personally think this is a great number for most

*Get fiber when you eat preferably at least 20-30 grams a day & whenever possible, eat your fiber first

*Get healthy fats

*Exercise smart

 Without enough good protein, your body cannot build & maintain muscle. Getting enough protein, fiber, & healthy fats are a huge thing and will keep you fuller basically becomes almost impossible to overeat.  I drink my water first thing in the morning, usually exercise 10-20 minutes, & then drink my protein coffee.  I then eat two healthy meal after 4-6 hours apart.  I don't snack in between...I don't need to because I stay full.  

Exercising smart is one of the best things you can do for yourself along with learning to listen to what your body needs... In 2020 into 2022, age 45-47, I had gained 20 pounds for the first time in my life without being pregnant (the picture above is before I lost 20 pounds. But let's talk about weight...the scale doesn't matter as much as how you feel & your muscle tone.  Putting healthy things in your body & smart exercise in my opinion are way more important than a number on a scale). I have since consistently exercised at least 10-30 minutes...sometimes up to an hour at most. I jump on my rebounder 10-30 minutes in the winter as Utah winters are too cold for me, or go on my 2.6 mile walk in warmer weather, which takes me 30 minutes after dinner.  I also added in a full body yin yoga linked below at night before I go to bed...It's amazing & so relaxing.  I love to dance also...whenever we have an event in our back yard like a wedding or the yearly fireworks, I dance much that this last time we had everyone over July 2023, my brother told me I dance like nobody is watching...that's how I've chosen to do my life since July of 2022...Dance Like Nobody is watching... it's an amazing place to be. I eat healthy, I'm not perfect,  just do my best everyday...see my results here.... Consistency is the key. Also number one of the most important things, I drink half my body weight in ounces a day of pure water with minerals added....or I add a scoop of each of berry greens &/or a scoop of tropical minerals/antioxidants...the taste is amazing. I drink water as soon as I wake up, and don't drink with my food... I don't drink water at least 30 minutes before I eat, & wait an hour to an hour and a half at least after I eat...helps hugely with digestion, & nutrient absorption. It's easier than you think once you start doing it...stay's one of the most important things you will do for your body. I also recommend getting a 40-50 ounce reusable stainless steel drinking bottle to use everyday.  I have some I love on my Amazon recommendations. If you have the smaller cup holder in your car, the Stanley works the best to fit easily. See the Healthy Mouth page for information on Prezyme Pro & Ultimate Minerals for two of my favorite supplements to support your body in so many ways. I also exercise in fasted state every morning.  

Benefits of smart exercise...

*increases oxygen in your body

*reduces stress

*boosts happiness

*reduces inflammation

*strengthens muscles

*weight control

*lowers blood pressure

*reduces risk of heart disease

*helps you sleep better

*energy boost

*increases strength & flexibility

*improves memory

*increases self confidence

*helps you live longer

*less susceptible to disease

Here is a link to one of my favorite exercise plans... this one is a 30 day challenge and completely free... go to  I've also done the 90 day, and in the Rock Your Life....Bikini Body 1, Bikini Body 2, Wonder Woman 1, Wonder Woman 2, the Brand New You Challenge.  I've loved everyone of them.  I also recently started doing some of the Svelte Training exercises & love them...lots of free ones on YouTube or she has two different programs you can buy plus lots of good recipes on YouTube.  Adjust exercises as needed....LISTEN TO YOUR BODY...Compare yourself to only yourself.  Love yourself right where you are.  You can do anything you decide you want to do.

I have done many different exercises through the years and the exercises I do now mix in my favorites. They are fun & effective. The key is consistency, and finding something you love.  I am 48, have had nine babies including twins and am in the best shape of my life.  Rebounders are awesome to do at least once a week.... JumpSport or Bellicon are my two favorites. Did you know that the two top ways to circulate your lymph system is by jumping & laughing?  Our bodies are amazing when we give them what they need and yourself & live your best & healthiest life. Check out this body roller for's awesome rolling on your back down your spine also.

I get my hair trimmed every three months. I rarely use a blow dryer or any heat on my hair.  The curls in this picture were done by no heat curls.  I just barely bought the one inch long barrel Bioionic curling iron for times when I need quick curls.  Favorite hair products are here....


This is me at 45, with my 1st grandchild.  It took me awhile years ago to find a makeup that I would use.  I don't wear a lot, but I refuse to use the junky chemical products that I believe shouldn't even be sold much less used.  Click here to see the company that I trust...they have more than just makeup...they have nontoxic nail polish, body products, hair, face, etc.  I love this company.... For natural skin care I also love these products & these products. Get the Yuka app to scan & check your products. 

This is what I use for our bodywash & handsoap...I just get the reusable foam pumps and do about 3/4 purified water and 1/4 Castile Soap... then I add some drops of essential oil... usually rosemary in my bodywash, and tea tree & lemon or orange in my had soap.  Their sugar soap is also SO awesome & amazing.  

Here is what I am using on my face...I use my bodywash to clean my face.  Twice a day, morning & night I use black seed oil on my face & neck.  Black seed oil fights acne & clogged pores, is very anti-aging, nourishes your skin, contains over 100 vitamins & minerals, heals skin, fights dark spots & discoloration.  I also use one to two drops of geranium, fennel, & frankincense, rub together on my hands & apply on my face & neck, these oils are very healing for the skin & tighten skin. Make sure not to get essential oils in your careful when putting close to eyes.  I use castor oil all around my eyes & on my eyebrows & eyelashes every night, and sleep on my back.  Castor oil is safe for eyes, and in fact is used dry eyes, eye infections, cataracts, strengthens & helps hair grow including eyelashes & eyebrows, dark circles & undereye wrinkles.  If you are still using the toxic deodorants/anti-perspirants, please look here for some of the best natural you can get.  See my anti-aging detox face mask here.

Anti-frizz/smoother/glosser spray for hair

2 TBS aloe vera gel

1-2 tsp fractionated coconut oil or argan oil  (depending on what type of hair you have)

1/2 cup rosewater

optional...10 drops rosemary essential oil, 10 drops peppermint essential oil

Mix evenly & pour into reusable spray bottle.  Use on newly washed hair or dry when needed... my hair is past the bottom of my back.  Before using this, I couldn't have my hair down for more than an hour or two, now I can have it down as long as I want, with way less tangle.  An added benefit is the ingredients are really awesome for healthy hair!