One of the most important things I do everyday to constantly cleanse my body, is stopping eating by 7 P.M.  So my body gets at least 15 hours every day to cleanse & repair.  Stopping eating hours before going to bed, helps your sleep better, deeper, and allows repair by not having to be digesting food.  First thing I do in the morning is drink my water to cleanse & hydrate.  I add greens and/or minerals also.  I also stay hydrated throughout the day, and don't drink with my food (I drink about half my body weight in ounces a day).  Staying under 50 calories, keeps your body in a fasted cleansing state.  

For a longer, deeper fast, here is what happens...(women that are still going through their cycle shouldn't go over 15 hours, but can go longer days 1-10 of your cycle, it is also recommended days 20-28 to not go over 12 hours, I personally always do at least 15, but I'm used to it)...

4-8 hours... blood sugar starts to fall

12 hours... all food in digestive tract is now burned.  Around 13 hours you should see some autophagy

14 hours... body is running out of glucose & ketosis may begin but may not be based on your adaptation stage

16-18 hours... fat burning ramps up & autophagy goes up dramatically

24 hours... glucose is all gone & the body will start to rely on ketones

36 hours... autophagy goes up by 33%. Major cleaning mode. Total body cleanup.

48 hours... autophagy will go up even more, 30% more. 

72 hours... autophagy has limited.

At this point your body may be doing a major cleanup & you may experience some stronger bowel movements that may take longer than usual. Trust in your body, stay calm, relaxed & look forward to a healthier body. Muscoskeletal changes... your body is starting to get stem cells healing the body. It can be slightly painful.

96 hours... intestinal stem cells start to max out. A reset of the immune system, a reset of the microbiome, human growth hormone. 

120 hours... optimal stem cell & optimal growth hormone & immune system & microbiome reset

When you are done fasting, it is very important to start with light foods that are easy on your body.  I finished an 111 hour fast August 2023... it was amazing, not easy, & I detoxed emotions also.  I did black coffee & matcha green tea once a day with some drops of monk fruit sweetener besides water. I also did minerals in my water or did a piece of celtic salt on my tongue & then drank my water...this helps your water get into your cells. I sprayed magnesium spray on my armpits & stomach once or twice a day also. I also rested a lot during this. Always fast smart, safely, & listen to your body. Many people will say... I could never do that... you have to have a why & focus on your why.  

Benefits of fasting...

~Your body starts to use & produce stem cells

~Pain goes away

~Ketones... your body is looking for ways to adapt to burn your fat

~Energy Diversion... now that you're body is not focusing on breaking down food for energy it can put that energy into healing

~Fat burning hormones get ramped up

~You will retain muscle because of the stem cells

~Reset Microbiome

Castor Oil Packs (for the outside body)

Benefits... maximize detoxification, reduce stress & support adrenals, reduce inflammation, move the bowels, improve the microbiome.

I use these organic cloths to do my Castor Oil packs.   These are for external use.  (When you put your castor oil on your cloth, allow it to sit for 30 minutes). Here's what I do.... On your clean cloth or spread straight on your stomach (or a combination of both) over your organs, I do approximately 3-6 Tablespoons of Organic Castor Oil, place the cloth over your belly over your organs, then you're going to put a piece of wax paper or an old clean towel over the cloth and a heating pad on the wax paper or old clean towel.  I turn it on my highest heat for 1-2 hours.  You can just put oil in specific places where needed, castor oil is amazing.  Make sure you have something to keep you busy and a drink you can reach easily nearby.  Also make sure you clean your hands really good after putting the castor oil on, and don't get it on anything but your skin and the cloth, castor oil is very thick.  You can also use these packs on the thyroid if you have thyroid issues, for breast cysts, or troubled joints.  These castor oil packs help with bloating, constipation, help alleviate pain, inflammation, & swelling.  You can reuse the same pack for at least 3 months.  Store your fabric in a glass container with a lid and if it starts to dry out you can add more castor oil to it to re-hydrate.  Women do not use this during pregnancy or if you have heavy bleeding with menstruation.   If you want to wash your pack, use hot water, baking soda, and natural soap (I use Sal Suds).  

If you want an all in one place to get your castor oil pack supplies that stay on overnight without using heat, go here.

Detox Bath

Make sure you take plenty of pure water to drink during your bath... try to stay in at least 30 minutes up to an hour

Detox Bath Recipe #1

2 cups Epsom Salt or Sea Salt 

1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar 

5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil...lavender, geranium, or sandalwood are all known for their detoxing properties. Detox Bath Recipe #2 

2 cups Epsom Salt 

1 cup Baking Soda 

1 Tablespoon Bentonite Clay

20 drops of lavender essential oil 

Detox Bath Recipe #3 

1/4-2 Cups Baking Soda 

1/2 Cup Epsom Salt 

Detox Bath Recipe #4 For Babies (great for diaper rash, constipation, itchy dry skin, eczema, baby acne, balance PH levels, decreases bacteria, helps promote more restful sleep)

1/4 Cup Baking Soda

Liver Cleanse plus other supplements I take daily

Liver Cleanse

1 TBS organic cold pressed (in glass) olive oil

1/2 the juice from a fresh lemon

cayenne pepper...I like to take it in a capsule but you can sprinkle it in

Optional garlic...fresh crushed, garlic powder, or garlic capsules..I like Dr. Mercola's fermented black garlic

I do this in the morning before I eat...mix together & drink like a shot.  I take my capsules with my shot.

This detox also kills parasites...I started out doing 5 days & now once a week.   I also don't have a gallbladder as I got it out when I was 21, (wish I had it back) so it puts more strain on my liver. 

I also take 1 capsule of cayenne 2-3 times a day, & 1 capsule of ginger 2 times daily at the same time as I take cayenne minus one time...  The benefits of cayenne are huge.... including high in vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin E, boosts immune system, improves vision, bones, anti-cancer properties, reduce migraines, prevents blood clots, removes toxins, lowers blood pressure, reduces hunger, boosts metabolism, heals ulcers, improves digestion, and much more.  Here is a link to the extra hot cayenne with ginger all in one.

Anti-aging detoxing face mask

I mix the following in a clean glass bowl & stir with a clean wooden popsicle stick or another type of clean wooden stirrer...

1 1/2 TBS bentonite clay

1 1/2 TBS apple cider vinegar

1/2 TBS honey

1/2 TBS castor oil

1/2 tsp baking soda

I spread this on my face & neck...leave on 20-30 minutes & wash off with a clean wash cloth or in the shower. Follow with your favorite face oil...I use a mixture of half & half rosehip/black seed oil with a drop of castor oil. All my favorite oils can be found here.

For information on two of my favorite supplements Prezyme Pro & Ultimate Minerals that also help detoxify & nourish your body, see the Healthy Mouth Page.

Pumpkin seeds also kill parasites...I try and eat them at least once a week, I get them in my granola