Meditation & Yoga

I cannot stress enough how important the subject of meditation is.  Which is why I chose to do a page specifically for it along with yoga, both which have changed my life in so many positive ways.  This yin yoga is a great way to meditate also while getting huge benefits for your body.  I do this yoga one to three nights a week before I go to bed.  If you can, in the morning, I highly recommend doing a meditation on your own for 15-20 minutes or a good guided meditation or listening to really good high vibration or music.  In a short explanation of how meditation works, is you quiet your mind, and your vibration rises.  Here are some benefits of meditation...

*reduces anxiety, depression, stress levels, & burnout

*heightens empathy

*improves psychological wellbeing

*improves stimuli & sensations within the body

*increases awareness that our actions & behaviors reflect our choices

*helps you relate to something bigger

*slows brain aging & improves memory

*improves attention

*increases innovation

*better problem solving

*helps with mental health following trauma

*strengthens the health of your body

*reduces stress & lowers blood pressure

*improves sleep

*reduces panic attacks

*increases work satisfaction

*reduces chronic pain

*reduces hypertension

*lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

Here is a link to some of my favorite guided meditations I do... these are from Abraham Hicks 

Here are two other links to meditations I love...meditation one, meditation two, from Jody Shield

Here are some benefits of yoga & specifically yin yoga is my favorite right before I go to be...

*reduces stress levels & reduces depression (increases the level of GABA)

*activates your parasympathetic nervous system which calms your body & slows your heart rate

*reduces physical tension in your body

*boosts circulation & blood flow

*increases flexibility

*lengthens connective tissue taking away aches & stiffness

*improves range of motion & mobility in joints

*puts you in a meditative state 

*grounds you

*slows your mind

*balances the flow of chi or prana (life energy, life force)

*calms your nervous system

*helps to prevent arthritis

*reduces osteopenia & osteoporosis (low bone mass or density & weak bones)

*normalizes curvature of the spine

*reduces degeneration of tissues

*targets the deep connective tissues of the body...ligaments, joints, bones, & deep fascia networks


*hydrates skin & lubricates joints

*thickens & strengthens ligaments

*hydrates tissues & muscles

*reduces scar tissue

*balances internal organs

Tips for yoga...

*move slowly & gently into the pose & only go to your maximum (everyone is what is best for your body, listen to your body)

*release into the pose & let it feel good & relaxing to your body

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