Mushrooms, Matcha Green Tea, & Coffee

This cold brew system is amazing.  I add 1/2 cup ground organic coffee, fill with purified water, & let it sit on my counter for 24 hours.  Remove filter, add purified water to the top of your jar, & put in your fridge.  

Here is a recipe of my favorite morning drinks...

1/2 cup walnut milk

organic cold brew coffee (I use decaffeinated)...1-2 cups


1/2 tsp ceylon cinnamon

1/2 tsp matcha green tea

1 serving of your favorite chocolate protein powder


These small whisks are awesome for mixing drinks

Benefits of the following mushrooms are huge. I use them in a capsule form...

Cordyceps... potent antioxidant, improves physical stamina, reduces fatigue, alleviates asthma & bronchitis

Reishi... promotes liver & heart health, reduces stress & promotes restful sleep, combats seasonal allergies

Lion's Mane... enhances memory, improves focus & concentration, stimulates neuron growth, also helps with weight loss

Turkey Tail... prebiotic, guards the gut, fights tumor development, relieves chronic fatigue symptoms

King Trumpet... fights inflammation, protects heart health, reduces high cholesterol, antioxidant rich

Shitake... anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, improves bone density, wards off the flu & common colds

Here are some of the benefits of a pure matcha green tea...

*high in antioxidants

*protects the liver

*boosts brain function

*helps prevent cancer

*promotes heart health, lowers stroke risk, & prostate cancer

*helps you lose weight & higher calorie burn

*clean, jitter-free energy source & used safely throughout pregnancy & breastfeeding

*melts away anxiety

*provides relaxed yet focused energy beneficial for meditation

*boosts mood & combats depression

*increases short-term focus & memory

*10 times the antioxidants as regular green tea

*improves skin health

*promotes healthy cholesterol levels

*full of immune-boosting properties

*supports hormonal balance

*boosts overall athletic performance, increases alertness & reaction time, improves workout stamina, & shortens recovery time

*natural aphrodisiac for men & women

*supports healthy hair & scalp

*alleviates menstrual cramps, helps address potential female reproductive disorders, naturally supports fertility, & improves sperm count & quality in men

*supports & protects cognitive health & boosts memory

*promotes better sleep with L-theanine which helps reduce stress related hormones & neurons

*helps fight off tooth decay & reduces the risk of gum disease & fungal infections

*can be drank while fasting as it is low in calories

*full of catechins (EGCG) which protect cells from DNA damage

*anti-inflammatory & awesome for arthritic pain

*helps with digestion

*cancer fighting properties

*great replacement for energy drinks & soda

*also good for dogs in small amounts to maintain healthy weight, have fresher breath, less dandruff, & better behavior

For simple matcha green tea, add monkfruit / stevia drops.  For a more complex matcha green tea, I add one drop of orange essential oil, 1/2 tsp ceylon cinnamon, and vanilla protein powder or a little of your favorite milk or coconut milk powder, I use unsweetened Silk almond milk.  You can add dates too if you blend it, I love barhi.

Benefits of organic coffee (caffeinated)...

*high in antioxidants

*protects the liver

*supports cognitive function

*can help you burn fat

*can improve energy levels & make you smarter

*contains essential nutrients

*makes it less likely to get type 2 diabetes helping your body process glucose better

*supports heart health

*may lower your risk of parkinson's, alzheimer's, dementia, & depression

*may lower risk of certain types of cancer...specifically colon cancer

*may lower stroke risk

*may help you live longer

*dark roast decreases breakage in DNA strands

How much is the optimal amount per day? 3-5 cups with a maximum of 400 milligrams of caffeine.  An average 8 ounce cup has 95 milligrams.  Make sure your coffee is organic as it is high sprayed.  I have used dates, date sugar, maple syrup, stevia , & monk fruit to sweeten my coffee.  Coffee is not recommended during pregnancy.  Here is the link to the coffee grinder I have.

Benefits of decaffeinated coffee...(make sure the decaffeination is done properly without chemicals if you choose decaffeinated, Swiss Water Process is what you want to look for)

*may help lower risk of type 2 diabetes

*less caffeine can improve sleep & lower anxiety

*contains the same antioxidants as regular coffee

*lower in acidity than regular coffee

*may lower your risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases

*may help reduce blood sugar

*rich in polyphenols

*may protect against certain cancers

*beneficial for liver health

*helps decrease cellular damage in the body, which protects against disease

Reasons you may want to drink decaf over caffeinated are...if you struggle with anxiety, have problems falling or staying asleep, are sensitive to the impacts of caffeine, or have an underlying health issue.

"Making someone a cup of coffee, is a love language"