"If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper... It is more powerful than any other"

Extra hot cayenne with ginger capsules

Cayenne capsules & ginger capsules

Cayenne benefits...

*Cayenne pepper contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, and flavonoids, which provides its powerful antioxidant properties.  One tsp. of cayenne pepper contains apporoximately... 

5.6 calories

1 gram carbohydrates

.2 grams protein

.3 grams fat

.5 grams fiber

728 international units vitamin A

.5 milligrams vitamin E

1.3 milligrams vitamin C

1.4 micrograms vitamin K

*prevents cancer tumors

*improves eyesight

*improves digestion

*boosts metabolism

*relieves migraine pain

*prevents blood clots


*relieves joint & nerve pain

*slows down aging process

*rebuilds stomach tissue

*improves psoriasis

*removes toxins

*lowers blood pressure

*reduces hunger

*heals ulcers

*supports eye health

*contains antifungal properties

*reduces inflammation

*repairs damaged skin

*reduces allergies

*promotes longevity

*stimulates orgasms

*reduces anxiety

*boosts the health of your body

*relieves joint & muscle pain

*soothes & heals sore throats

*clears congestion from colds & flu

*protects your heart

*provides beneficial vitamins & minerals

*helps circulate blood